Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using Forums For Making Money - Paid Forum Posting

Over the past several months I have learned that Internet is a cool tool for having fun and getting stuff for free. These days I spend a lot of time using freebie and giveaway websites and have some interest in making money online.

Just now I have read a good post about making money online with paid forum posting and being an active member of forum community I decided to give it a try. The website I want to speak about is called

The idea of is to provide forum owners with quality content. Both simple posters and forum owners can join and post on various forums. For such activities members earn points, which could be used for getting post exchange or withdrawing points to cash.

As far as I have understood, for every post you can get up to 2 points and every point is worth one cent. I can easily make quality 200 points per day, which means I can earn 10-20 dollars per day by posting on public forums, how cool is that?

There are tons of paid to post websites floating around and is one of them. Please check out these sites, which pay money for using forums and have fun, while earning easy PayPal cash.
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